Welcome to the future

I run the site for my local neighborhood association and recieved an interesting email from the contact form today.

To whom it may concern,

I am a concerned resident in the neighborhood and am concerned for our neighborhood privacy. This evening, a drone flew over and hovered over my back yard as my family and I were relaxing. It had two blue flashes of light, which I am assuming were camera photo flashes. As soon as we all looked up and stared, it flew away.

I called the Police non-emergency number, who stated that it is legal for drones to fly over residents yards. They passed me on to the FAA to contact concerning regulations. I left the FAA a message, but am not sure if I will hear from them. I am concerned for our neighborhood privacy and safety and wondered what can we as Portland residents do about this privacy invasion?

I passed the note along, but couldn’t think of much to say except “welcome to the future”, the laws are nowhere near keeping up with tech.